(a 5 km da Scala)


Instead of using the term Cathedral, it would be more correct to speak of a monumental complex, as it is made up of several autonomous parts that are colligated together. The oldest structure is certainly the Basilica of SS .Crocifisso, built in 833. Another church was built beside it in 987, to form one majestic Cathedral with six naves, that in the Baroque era was divided into two churches. The Bell-tower was started in 1180 and finished in 1276; in 1206 the Crypt was constructed to hold the Sacred Remains of St. Andrew Apostle. The last building to be built was the Cloister of Paradise between 1266 and 1268.
The Cathedral is opened every day from9.00 - 21.00 (in Summer)- Tel. 089/871059
In the past, this museum was a paper mill. In 1969, the owner of the mill, Nicola Milano, turned it into a museum.During the guided tour, which lasts about 15-20 minutes, you can witness the creation of handmade paper and you can see the ancient water mills working again with the power of the river Canneto.
The Museum is opened every day from10.00 to 18.30 -
This museum tells the amazing story of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi through a series of testimonials, for example the compass.This museum is located in the ancient Arsenal of Amalfi. Here you can see antique sculptures, ancient scrolls, codices and manuscripts, statues, costumes and artistic paintings.
The Emerald Grotto was discovered in 1932 by a local fisherman who was curious about two strange holes in the rock face: he proudly wore the band that declared him “The discoverer of the Emerald Grotto”, until his death. The inside is like an oriental temple, filled with columns, stalactites and bizarre shaped curtains, characterized by magnificent lights with the most sublime shades: cobalt blue, turquoise, green…
Before leaving please do not miss an interesting feature, the under water “crib scene” made of pottery from Vietri.
You can go to Esmerald Grotto:
-By boat, from Amalfi bear, from 9.30 a.m. to 4.0 p.m., boat ticket come and come back € 10
-By car, at km 26.4 of 163 Railway, entry by steps or lift.
The ticket entry in the Grotto is 5 €


Amalfi celebrates a great feast in honor of St. Andrew, patron saint of the city and protector of fishermen and fishmongers. On this day we remember the miraculous storm of 1544, triggered by the Saint,to prevent to enemies to conquer the city.The religious festival begins with a procession of members of various religious congregations that bring to the beach the statue of the Saint.Here the fishermen take the statue and bring it to the Cathedral running on the grand staircase. In the evening you can see the show of colored fireworks.
CAPODANNO BIZANTINO - 31 Agosto – 1° Settembre
The Byzantine New Year is a cultural-historical event created by Giuseppe Gargano in 1980. The event includes moments for study and research on the history of Amalfi; You can also attend to historical parades and musical performances.
Among the major events of the summer Coast, the "Grand Concerto di Ferragosto" of the Russian State Philharmonic Orchestra "Tchaikovsky" of the Republic of Udmurtia is the most important, who will perform the masterpieces of the lyrical and symphonic music.

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