...enjoy our
country house!

"... ecco quante belle creature Iddio ha creato per me in questa terra acciocchè io l'ami ..."

S. Alfonso Maria De Liguori

A territory rich in history and culture, all in a few kilometers from our structure.

The delicacies of Campania and the Amalfi Coast are just waiting to be tried.

Nature trails and breathtaking landscapes are the perfect setting for your stopover.

From the sea to the spa with a view, where the sky is infinite and the colors are shining.

SPA & Wellness

Walk, eat, listen in a relaxed way. It slows down every operation. Don't rush: Move as if you had eternity at your disposal. That's right! We are here from the beginning and we will be here until the end, provided that there is a beginning and an end. We have always existed and always have existed. Enjoy every moment of your life.

  • Solarium in the garden

  • Hydromassage

  • Mini Golf on lawn

  • Badminton area

Discover relaxation...

Meteo Campania
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